What to wear in Myanmar

10 Aug, 2017 | Blog, Myanmar

The Dress Code for Myanmar

Before I go to a country I always like to do some research and see if there’s a dress code, even if it’s simple, as wherever I go I want to be as respectful as possible. So before we went to Myanmar, you can imagine me spending countless hours exploring the internet and Pinterest for blogs about what is acceptable to wear in Myanmar (yes, I secretly love doing this, but don’t tell Nathan!). However it seems like I spent far too much time looking at what I should wear and not Nathan, poor Nathan.

Now, even though the everyday dress code is not strict, revealing clothing is sometimes frowned upon. As I mentioned earlier, it is important to be respectful, so remember to dress conservatively. However, for religious sites, it is stricter, so legs and shoulders should be covered at all times. Now this is the part I messed up on – Legs and shoulders should be covered at all time for both women and men. When we visited the Shwedagon Pagoda I wore trousers and I had a scarf to cover my shoulders, but Nathan was wearing shorts. His shorts were smart and knee length so we thought we would be okay, we were wrong. Luckily at the entrance you can buy or rent a longyi to wear, which is widely worn in Myanmar by men and women and to be honest Nathan rocked it don’t you think?
What clothes should I wear when visiting Myanmar?

Obviously dressing conservatively is a must, but let’s go a little more into detail. Most of the time I wore my baggy, parachute pants, type trousers. Perhaps not the most attractive, but definitely the most comfortable and the thin material keeps you cool in the heat, which is the most important thing when travelling around anywhere hot! I also wore my trusted scarf a lot too whilst in Myanmar. It’s such a thin material and is perfect for covering your shoulders when entering any religious sites. Nathan got away with wearing a t-shirt and shorts most of the time (apart from when we visited temples), but when the sun is really beaming down on you it’s actually better to cover up, Nathan wore a thin long sleeve top and light long sleeve trousers which he said is a great way to help cope with the heat, and sunburn!

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What Shoes Should I Wear in Myanmar?

A must for Myanmar is making sure you have shoes that you can slip on and off easily. All religious sites in Myanmar require you to remove your shoes before entering, so why not make it easy for yourself. We recommend simply picking up a pair of flip flops. They’re cheap to buy in most places in Asia (I bought mine in Malaysia for $2) and you won’t be bothered about having to leave them outside any temples or pagodas, bonus!

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I hope this information about what to wear in Myanmar has helped you prepare for your trip. Make sure you also check out our other blog 12 Things Everyone Should Know Before Visiting Myanmar which is full of really helpful tips that will definitely come in handy for your adventure in Myanmar!

Take Care, Rebecca.

Have you been to Myanmar? Got any clothing tips for us? Let us know in the comment box below!

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Want more? Check out our video we made whilst at the Shwedagon Pagoda –
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