The View From The Shard Review – London’s Tallest Tourist Attraction

5 Jan, 2018 | Blog, England

The Shard is the tallest building in the UK and one of the hottest tourists attractions in London right now. We visited on a cold but beautiful day in December and in this blog I’ll be giving you all the information you need to know about ‘The View from The Shard’ in London.

We’ve partnered with Headout to bring you this blog. In return for this review we were supplied with tickets free of charge, as always though any thoughts and opinions are entirely our own. This blog will also include affiliate links, at no cost to you, but we will receive a small commission if anything is purchased via the links, this helps us greatly with running the site.

The Shard stands at 310 meters (1,017ft) and is the tallest building not only in the UK but in the whole of Western Europe too. The viewing platforms, on the 69th and 72nd floors stand at 244 meters (802ft) and give you some of the most incredible views across London, offering a full 360 degree of view. The Shard is one of the newest members of London’s skyline, being completed in 2012 and houses restaurants, a hotel and even private residences, that go for up to £50 million, imagine that!

How to get tickets for ‘The View from The Shard’

On their website this attraction is touted as a ‘premium tourist attraction’, basically meaning it’s not cheap (but we’ve found a way around this). Tickets can be bought on the day for an eye watering £30.95 for one adult, or in advance from The Shard’s official website for £25.95, but that’s still quite pricey.

Now if you head over to Headout following this link, , an authorized ‘View from The Shard’ ticket seller, you can find tickets at a discounted rate! It’s such great value for money as we all know how expensive a day out in London can be, plus Headout also includes a lowest price guarantee. Furthermore, by booking tickets online through Headout, it’s all booked in advance. We always try to book online if we can to save us from any stress on the day and if it means we save money too, then that’s even better.

How to get to The Shard

It would be easy to think that this impressive building lives somewhere in the financial skyscraper district of Canary Wharf, however, the Shard is actually situated along the Thames, in between London Bridge and Tower Bridge.

The best way to get to The Shard is from London Bridge Station. It’s only a short walk, just follow the signs when you leave for ‘The Shard’ or ‘Joiner Street’. And with London Bridge Station being one of the busiest stations in London, it also has some fantastic links through the London Underground and the Southern and Southeastern Train Lines, which should make it easier for you to get to. Of course though, trains are not the only way to travel around London, you can walk, get a cab, or drive there by using this postcode, SE1 9SG on your sat nav or mobile phone.

If you fancy doing something a little bit different however you can even get a river cruise to tower pier and walk from there, like we did! Check out our blog on the Thames River Cruise here, and also take a look at tickets for the two attractions combined by clicking here.

The Review of ‘The View from The Shard’

We absolutely loved ‘The View From The Shard’, the whole experience, from walking up and seeing just how tall it really is, to getting in the themed elevators, and of course taking in the staggering view all the way from the top! The Shard really is an incredible place to get a 360 degree aerial view of London. There two different viewing platforms are both unique as well, one is outside and you can actually see out of the top of The Shard, which was really cool. Plus, despite the weather being bad, we were lucky that there was such great visibility, it was brilliant to be able to see so much of London. They also have a virtual reality experience up there, giving you a 360 degrees virtual ride. There was a big queue so we didn’t go on, plus Nathan has a virtual reality headset at home, but it was extremely funny to watch.

One thing we also really enjoyed were the interactive monitors dotted around the side, that could show you what London use to look like and the view you were seeing at every time of day. It also provided some really interesting information about the different buildings, like what they are used for and who they belong to. So, it was great finding out some new facts that I could tell Nathan all about.

For £30.95 it’s quite an expensive day out, for what is only a couple of hours at best, even though I really enjoyed it. However, because of the discount on Headout, it makes it a much more reasonable price and something I would definitely do again. For more tickets to days out and attractions all over London, visit Headout’s page here.

I hope this blog has helped you with lots of information about London’s premium tourist attraction ‘The View From The Shard’, to make your day out as brilliant, and as cheap as possible.

If you have any more questions about The Shard, please leave us a comment below, or if you’ve been to The Shard yourself, tell us your opinions, we’d love to hear from you!

Take care, Rebecca

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