How to find Accommodation in Koh Rong

17 Sep, 2017 | Blog, Cambodia

We absolutely loved our stay on Koh Rong, it was the perfect combination of relaxing in paradise and parties, sounds too good to be true right?

Now travel is always unpredictable, our travels especially. Looking back now, I had no idea how unprepared we were. We had no plan at all after India and Nepal and we just checked the cheapest flights and decided if that was somewhere we should go. It was so much fun and I wouldn’t change a thing, but perhaps one of the biggest risks was booking accommodation on the Island of Koh Rong. Now for this, you cannot book in advance, you just get the ferry to the island and walk along the beach and try to find a vacancy. There is also little information around so we thought this blog could definitely help a few of you out.

Booking Accomodation in Koh Rong

Now, we did our research and we managed to play it a bit safer. Rather than getting the ferry across and not knowing what to expect, we managed to go into the travel agents where you book the ferry and there we were able to ring and book us a private room in advance. Still there are no guarantees, you can only book on the day after 10am and it depends on whether there are any vacancies and whether any one has checked out. The hotel and dorm system runs differently here, you only have to book in and then you just leave when you want to. Which makes sense why no one can guarantee that there will be vacancies. Luckily for us there was a private room free and we set off for our island adventure.

Types of rooms on Koh Rong

There are many different room types to suit your budget on Koh Rong. As a couple we prefer to stay in a private room with our own bathroom, plus for us, it’s the same price as paying for two people two stay in a dorm. Obviously these prices are subject to change and there are the average prices we found from the majority of hotels. (Prices in 2017)

  • Dorm Room – $8
  • Private Room – $12
  • Private Room and Bathroom – $14-$16
  • Beach huts – $40-$7

Even though it is not always possible, I always prefer to have my own bathroom and for an extra $2- $4 dollars it really was worth it. I would have loved to have stayed in one of the beach huts, but they were way out of our budget, they were closer to the quieter end of the beach and some of them included air-conditioning too.

Bongs Koh Rong

We stayed at Bongs and we really enjoyed the experience. We paid $16 a night for a private room and bathroom. The staff were so friendly and helpful too, which made the experience even better. Breakfast was also included as well as free water, tea and coffee all day. There was no air conditioning but you did get a fan, plus when you’re on the island you want to be in the beach, not your room! The room was comfortable with a double bed and mosquito net too. You could also rent towels for $1 too!

We loved everything from our experience on Koh Rong and we highly recommend Bong’s if you are looking for good budget accommodation.

If you have been to Koh Rong yourselves, we would love to hear you experience! Or if you have any questions for us just leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

Take Care, Rebecca.

Want more? Check out our video we made on Koh Rong –

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