So what is ‘Always a Friday’? It’s a feeling, a way of life, the best travel website in the world… Okay that may be a bit much. Always a Friday is our website that we share our helpful travel tips, guides, videos and photos with you, so that we can travel together!

When we first decided to pack in our routine day jobs and travel the world, we knew that we wanted to blog and film every step of the way, but we needed a name. ‘Always a Friday’ came from us agreeing that Friday was our favourite day of the week, it was the day that when we lived apart we would always meet up with one another, the weekend was just around the corner and we could do what we wanted to, with a feeling of freedom and excitement. Our goal is now to feel like that everyday, to live as if it were ‘Always a Friday’, travel blogging and filming the world! Continue reading below to find out more about us!


My passion for travelling started at a young age, thanks in part to my parents. They were always big on travel, my Dad who was in the Royal Navy and my Mum who worked in the travel industry, travelled a lot when they were younger, and growing up we would always go on a yearly holiday somewhere far flung, I can’t thank them enough for that. As I grew older and got myself a job, I would always try to save as much as I could, so I could to take a weekend trip to somewhere in Europe, the strong £ and ridiculously low cost flights you can get made this relatively easy. Having worked for a marketing agency as a Video Editor and Cameraman for 3 and a half years (learning tools that will hopefully help with everything we are doing now), I finally decided, this is the time, to travel the world, my lifelong dream.


Being able to travel the world has always been a dream of mine, but something I never believed in a million years would happen. From a young age I have always wanted to travel, explore and learn about the amazing world around us. I was lucky enough for my parents to take me to some amazing places but as soon as I was old enough I was taking myself there. Being so close to Europe I was fortunate to have all these destinations on my doorstep that I could start ticking them off the list. As soon as I met Nathan, everything just fell into place. To meet someone with the same desire to travel and the same interests I knew this would be the start of a new adventure for me. I really do not know where this journey is going to take us, but I am very excited to find out.


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